Sugino #701 Alloy Single Chainring Bolts - 5 bolts - Black

$ 54.99

The Sugino #701 Chainring Fixing Bolt & Nut set for single speed chainrings consists of 5 high-strength aluminum alloy Torx bolts and knurled nuts. A Torx bolt is more durable than a standard alloy bolt, and these bolts are lightweight, strong, and beautifully colored with laser-etched Sugino logos. The knurled nuts set into the crank holes and stay in place. The set includes 5 anodized bolts, 5 steel nuts and a T30 Torx wrench.

These bolts are designed for use with single chainring bicycles, like BMX and track bikes.

Bolt Length: 6.5mm
Nut Length:

Color: Anodized Black