28" Challenge STRADA BIANCA Handmade Sew up Tire f/ vintage bikes

$ 104.99

The Challenge STRADA BIANCA PRO TU is a 28"x40c tubular tire with a road-style tread. It is efficient and at home on gravel and dirt roads with a larger volume to help provide compliance when the going gets rough. This works great for you hipsters that ride sew-ups on your "gravel" bikes but there is another practical use for this tire. This will fit most pre-war 28" wood and wood clad rims. This means that you can actually ride that 100 year old bike without worrying about wrecking those vintage tires. 

This tire uses a French (presta) valve. This can be glued or taped to the rim. We recommend having this done by a professional bike mechanic. (We recommend going to a shop that specializes in high end road bikes.)

Of course these are like any other sew-up tire we sell. They have no warranty against flats and any claim needs to be made directly with the manufacturer. All sales are FINAL.