Time ATAC DH4 Clipless Pedals w/ Cleats Black

$ 49.99 $ 105.99

For serious gravity aficionados only , the Time ATAC DH 4 is built like a tank for big drops, big rocks – the most extreme downhill trail conditions. The ATAC DH 4 is a downhiller's dream featuring an aluminum body and oversized hollow steel axle. The ATAC system allows you to ‘put a foot down' and clip it back in when needed. The open, self-cleaning design keeps the trail off the pedal, clearing debris and mud every time you clip in. These pedals have cleats included and are designed to be used with ANY SPD type shoe.

Pedal Type: Clipless 
Body Material: Aluminum
Spindle: 9/16"
Cleat System: ATAC (included)