Odyssey RACE Linear Slic Kable - Brake Cable - Black

$ 17.99

The Odyssey Race Linear Slic Kable® takes Odyssey's proven Linear Slic Kable® housing and replaces the steel linear wire with aluminum. Utilizing the aluminum wire in the housing saves you significant weight -- roughly 30%.

This cable also features specially designed “volcano” ferrules to prevent housing blowouts. This Kable also comes with color-coded inner wires and ball ends to differentiate between the regular Linear Slic Kable and the Race version.

  • Factory installed, specially designed & machined Volcano ferrules
  • Weatherproof jacket
  • K-Shield housing provides a higher compressive strength while being lighter than standard stainless steel
  • Aluminum Linear Housing prevents binding during bar spins
  • Ultra low friction PTFE coating bonded to Slic Kable inner wire
  • 65” pre-stretched low-friction Slic Kable
  • Brake lever lug on one end and Gyro® cable lug on the other
Color: Black