Odyssey Linear SLS Slic BMX Brake Cable - Black

$ 14.99

This is Odyssey's top of the line brake cable that ties together all of their most advanced braking technology. It utilizes the original BMX Linear Slic Kable housing to prevent binding when the bars are rotated, and factory installed ferrule ends with inner volcano shape help prevent housing blow out--a Linear Slic Kable standard since 2008. The cable also features a specially coated inner wire for ultra low friction, a proven feature resurrected from the once famous Brakeline cables. A Gyro® lug is included at one end of the inner wire for use with detanglers.


  • Odyssey's strongest Linear Slic Kable®
  • Weatherproof jacket
  • K-Shield housing provides a higher compressive strength while being lighter than standard stainless steel
  • Secondary weatherproof jacket
  • 65” pre-stretched low-friction Slic Kable
Color: Black