20x1.75 Odyssey BMX Frequency G Flatland BMX Tire - 100psi - All Black

$ 32.99 $ 34.99

The Odyssey Frequency G is Chase Gouin's signature tire. It is predictable during tight turns and made to roll smooth at high speeds. The horizontal tread grooves provide shoe traction only when you need them to. This modern interpretation of one of the most popular tires ever made is used regularly by street riders too. 

  • Chase Gouin Signature
  • High Pressure (100 PSI)
  • Dual-Ply Sidewall

Size: 20x1.75" (ISO 406mm)
Bead: Wire
Pressure Rating: 100psi
Color: Black

Note: We ship tons of tires, and we do sometimes ship them folded in a figure 8 -- unless a request is made to have them shipped flat. If requested, an additional shipping charge will be added; the charge depends on the size and quantity of the tire(s). We have never had a tire damaged from folding because our tires are new fresh tires. We would never fold old or vintage tires.