Magura HS11 Hydraulic Rim Brake Kit - F/ Cantilever or V-brake mounts - Front or Rear

$ 154.00

The Magura HS11 hydraulic rim brake. This can be used for a front or rear with reversible brake lever that works on left or right side. Comes pre-bled with full length line that may need to be cut to size for some applications. Fits most cantilever or V-brake mounts.
  • Sealed system hydraulic rim brake caliper and lever designed for city and trekking
  • Enhanced master piston and an ergonomic Carbotecture lever blade
  • The HS11’s enormous braking power and precise modulation ensure maximum safety in the urban jungle
  • The lever blade is ergonomically optimised for a unique and responsive braking feel
  • Closed hydraulic system requires little to no maintenance

Color: Black

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