Heavy Pedalz BMX Magazine - Issue 7

$ 5.00

Heavy Pedalz Lucky Number 7 - This has been 9 months in the making. Lots of racer and street rider interviews, jam coverage and tons of photos.

From the editor: "Hi! I'm Chuck. I grew up in a house that had magazines in almost every room. From Dad's Easyriders Magazine to Reader Digest. As I grew up I came to love BMX Plus! Creem, Hit Parader and Circus to name just a few. I would buy 2 copies of each . One to save and one to cut up and post all over my walls.  As magazines started to die off I really felt it. In my opinion magazines and now zines (zeens) are the fuel that keep the fire burning when you cannot be involved directly in your passion. You can't hold a website in your hands or cut it up and paste it on your wall.  Print's not dead and let's keep it that way!"