Box One Square-Taper Titanium Bottom Bracket - 68 x 113 mm

$ 154.99

With precision sealed bearings and cold-forged, aluminum CNC machined cups, the Box One Titanium Square Taper Bottom Bracket is the best option for young BMX racers and other users of three piece cranks in search of performance gains and weight savings. It has a hollow, custom titanium-nitride coated titanium spindle and carbon fiber center seals, helping keep the weight down -- well below that of other square taper bottom brackets on the market. Other features include cups that are anodized black with anodized gold inner seals, and a 113mm JIS tapered spindle.

Spindle Type: JIS
Spindle Material: Titanium
Spindle Length: 113mm
Shell Width: 68mm
Thread: 1.37" x 24 TPI