Aluminum Bar Plugs - Red

$ 6.99

These aluminum bar end plugs have a low-profile outer diameter of 24mm (0.94 inches) and an inside diameter of 16mm (0.63 inches). The expandable nylon center is suitable for handlebars with an inside diameter of 17mm or larger, which includes most steel, aluminum, and carbon bars.

These plugs are easy to install on your bicycle. Just tighten the screw with a 3mm allen wrench to expand and stay in place.

Sold in pairs.

Color: Red

Note: This part was colored by anodizing, which is a method of coloring metal. Color differences do occur among manufacturers and even among batches from the same manufacturer. This is not a flaw or imperfection, but it is inherent to the anodizing process. We make every effort to show accurate photos of products, but it is not possible to display every color variation. We are not responsible if a part doesn't match other items you own or is not the color you expected.