20x2.35 Odyssey BMX Mike Aitken Knobby Tire - 80psi - All Black

$ 34.99

With Mike Aitken's reputation and influence as a trail-slayer, it only makes sense that Odyssey offer a classic knobby version of his popular signature tire. More aggressive tread makes this the perfect dirt tire for railing berms and roasting hips. A fast rolling center tread helps maintain speed, while also lending some versatility for street and park.


  • Knobby tread for dirt
  • Micro-knurling for extra grip
  • Fast rolling center tread for versatility
  • Up to 80 PSI
  • Lighter trail inspired single-ply sidewall

    Size: 20x2.35 (ISO 406mm)
    All Black

    Note: We ship tons of tires, and we do sometimes ship them folded in a figure 8 -- unless a request is made to have them shipped flat. If requested, an additional shipping charge will be added; the charge depends on the size and quantity of the tire(s). We have never had a tire damaged from folding because our tires are new fresh tires. We would never fold old or vintage tires.