20x1.75 Tioga Fastr X S-Spec Folding BMX tire - Black

$ 55.99

The Tioga Fastr-X is a low-profile race tire with ultra-smooth centerline and pressure sensitive side tread that increases corner traction when pushed to the limits. A special chemical surface etching applied to center tread creates a fine surface texture that enhances traction on wider variety of track surfaces, while nano knobs in varying angles, shapes, and sizes strategically integrated within the outer tread zones provide additional traction on track surfaces with loose fine grains. 

S-Spec tires utilize Tioga’s ultra-lightweight CYLEX 120 TPI casing. Feather light and super supple, S-Spec tires conform better to track surfaces for buttery smooth runs.

Size: 20 x 1.75" (ISO 406mm)
Bead: Lightweight folding
Pressure Rating: 35-65psi
Color: Black