18x1-3/8 Turn 3 Racing Micro Mini BMX tire - Black - fits 18 x 1" (400mm) rims

$ 33.99

This is one  (1) 18 x 1-3/8 Turn 3 Racing Micro Mini BMX race tire. This tire fits 18 x 1" (400mm) rims and inflates to 55psi. It will work on most stock Haro and Redline Micro Mini race bikes; it will not clear the fork on a DK Micro. The total height of the tire is approximately 18-3/4".

This tire uses 18 x 1-3/8 (400mm x 37C), 20 x 1.0-1.5 (406 mm x 25-38C), 20 x 1.25-1.5 (406 mm x 32-37C) or 20 x 1.35-1.5 (406mm x 37-47) tubes.  We do not recommend using 18x1 tubes in them.

Note: Due to the tire having a taller profile than a stock 18 x 1" tire, it may not fit some frames & forks.