20x1.75 Kenda Comp III 3 style BMX tire - Black w/ Light Skinwall - single

$ 17.99 $ 24.99

This is one (1) Comp III (K50) tread pattern tire. This tire is a fresh, new tire made by Kenda. This tire has a tan skinwall, not a gum wall. Pressure rating is 40-65 psi.

Size: 20 x 1.75
Color: Black w/ skinwall 

Note: We ship tons of tires and we do ship them folded in a figure 8 unless a request is made to have them shipped flat. If requested, an additional shipping charge will be added and the charge depends on the size and quantity of the tire(s). We have never had a tire damaged from folding because our tires are new fresh tires. We would never fold old or vintage tires.