S&M Original (1991-1996) Threaded Pitchfork 20" BMX Fork - 3/8" - Chrome - Made in USA

$ 149.99 $ 199.99

Prior to the Pitchfork, the best forks in BMX were made for racing. Given the high-stakes street and dirt riding going on by 1991, risking life and limb on paper-thin dropouts and skinny legs seemed silly. The Original Pitchfork was made featured double-thick (1/8″ welded together) drop-outs and slightly more rake for peg clearance. This reproduction fork features all the original details: 1-1/8" legs, double-thick dropouts, and a 2-piece welded 1" threaded steerer tube.

Droputs: 3/8"
Steerer Tube: 1" threaded
Axle To Crown Height: 12.2″
Offset: 1.3″
Posted Weight: 2.3 lb (Estimate -- posted from S&M site)

Color: Chrome