Profile ZCoaster RHD Freecoaster Rear Hub - 36H - Female axle - Black - USA Made

$ 359.99

The ZCoaster™ is a proprietary hub to Profile. It essentially works as a spring/pawl cassette hub that can be disengaged into a freecoaster. It is made here in the USA at the Profile factory. The Z Coaster® has an outer driver support bearing for the oversized driver mechanism. This bearing supports the driver from the outside. Also, the pawls and ratchet ring have a proprietary coating that offer smooth engagement. The Z Coaster®’s Pawl is “Z” shaped to allow for engagement/disengagement by the center Slack Cam Ring. This allows for adjustable slack by being able to switch cam rings. This hub comes with a 60 degree slack ring installed. 

Drilling: 36h
Drive side: RHD
Driver: 9t chromoly
Axle: Chromoly female with 3/8" bolts
Color: Black anodized