Profile Racing AC-2 BMX Rear Cassette Hub - 36H - Silver - USA Made

$ 390.99

“AC-2” = Dual Angular Contact describes the use of both angular contact bearings and angled bearing cups/hub bores used in the hub design. The Profile Racing AC-2 BMX Rear Cassette Hub features revolutionary bearing installation and function never seen before in a bicycle hub. It has been designed from the ground up for ease of maintenance and optimal bearing performance. The AC-2 Cassette Hub also offers changeable pawl/spring configurations for varying points of driver engagement to suit a rider’s personal preference.

The AC-2 hubs use 20mm Angular Contact bearings with a wave spring pre-load. Bearings are pressed into tapered cups that mate with the angled bores machined into the hub shell. This design feature allows bearing/cup to be easily installed and removed from hub shell without any special tools. No more presses or hammers needed! Another attribute of the tapered bearing cup/angled hub shell bore design is how the bearings seat in the hub. The bearings/cups on each side of the hub shell are in perfect alignment with each other! This ensures superior bearing performance and less chance of premature wear.

Hub shell and driver literally “float” on the axle. The only force on the bearings is supplied by the wave spring(which delivers the appropriate bearing pre-load needed for angular contact bearings). Tightening of axle bolts has absolutely no affect on the bearings!

The bearings, wave spring, and shim(s) are secured on the axle by one retaining ring. The only tool used to assemble/disassemble the AC-2 hub is a pair of snap ring pliers! *Profile Racing does offer a simple tool to aid in retaining ring installation and bearing/cup removal, but is not necessarily needed.* (Tool NOT included.)

The AC-2 hub cassette driver is also unique. It allows for changeable P.O.E.(points of engagement). The hub driver comes standard with 6 pawls and springs. This option offers 96 P.O.E. -Maximum engagement. The other choice is to use just 3 pawls and springs. P.O.E. is reduced to 48 and minimal drag is achieved. This is a rider preference choice and both have a unique sound! The proprietary Profile Racing 10 spline aluminum cassette body allows you to use our standard steel, Elite, or aluminum cogs ranging from 12t to 18t (not included). The AC-2 BMX hub has a true 20mm bolt-on hollow aluminum axle.

The Profile Racing AC-2 hub is manufactured from a high grade, aerospace quality billet aluminum. It is as standard BMX 110mm width and RHD only. AC-2 hubs are made in the USA!

Spoke Holes: 36h
Cog: Steel 16t
Bolts: 10mm socket head steel
Bearings: Steel 20mm angular contact
Posted Weight: 325g/11.45 oz (weighed w/15mm bolts & no cog)

Color: Silver